Berry & Smith’s maintenance facility is located at the head office in Penticton, B.C. This facility serves as a BC MOT approved inspection and repair facility, supporting over 85 owner-operator trucks, as well as a fleet of their own trucks, buses, and trailers.

Berry & Smith maintains a team of highly qualified mechanics who notably contribute to the success of the company, overseeing required fleet and equipment maintenance. The maintenance facility is designed to keep the fleet running safely, allowing for quality services and customer goods to arrive at their destinations on time. All of Berry & Smith’s fleet are on registered preventative maintenance programs.

Along with a highly qualified maintenance team, Berry & Smith’s maintenance facility maintains a very technologically advanced IT system. This facility uses a live maintenance system that allows accurate parts usage and competitive purchasing, allowing mechanic’s to easily check for previous repairs, and flags for warranty repairs. They use the latest in Cummins, Detroit, Voith, Meritor, ISIS and Webasto software to aid in diagnoses and repair. Berry & Smith’s fleet conditions are monitored while on route, with fault code reporting and location reporting on both trucks and trailers, enabling efficient break-down repairs. Along with the ability to utilize a live maintenance system, Berry & Smith is able to monitor their fuel usages per kilometer or mile as well as the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted by each truck.

Berry and Smith’s fleet holds an excellent NSC (National Safety Council) and CSA (Compliance, Safety, Accountability) safety scores that they work hard to maintain and are extremely proud of!