Over the Road

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Over the Road or OTR trucking is the transportation of goods on major highways. OTR drivers pick up and deliver freight from one location to another, by truck, without changing transportation modes.

Over the Road trucking is what Berry & Smith is about, as it forms the basis for our existence as a trucking company. At Berry & Smith we know that your freight is important to you and to your customers and we put all of our considerable resources to getting your loads delivered on time to your destinations.

Whether it is van truckloads, flat deck truckloads, or intermodal containers they all move over the road and that is where Berry & Smith excels, because we understand your needs.

Berry & Smith maintains a full brokerage division which is operated out of Calgary Alberta. The brokerage division is backed up by Berry & Smith’s fleet of trucks so our capacity level is strong. Berry & Smith is here to serve your needs and the needs of your customers.

Berry & Smith is certified to transport dangerous goods and hazardous waste in both Canada and the USA.